Who we are in short

Who hasn’t had a long adventure or voyage, usually marked by many changes of fortune? The paths that we took in our lives, and especially the different countries and cultures that we saw along the way, inspired us to name our company Odisea (Odyssey in English).

We are two people who grew up in two different parts of the world (Spain and Argentina), and we lived our lives in the way we were supposed to. We studied a career, got a master degree and started to work for companies that didn’t really fulfill us. What really made us feel free and complete was traveling. That’s why we decided that it was time to change our lifestyle. We quit our office jobs and started to work hard towards our dreams.

We believe that fulfilling travel experiences begin not only with choosing the right destination (not just the touristic places), but enjoying every single moment of it, and we’re here to help you make more enlightening stops along the way. But what does that mean, exactly? It means helping you have more fun dreaming and planning by offering up trip and destination ideas that will overcome your expectations


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