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Cooking class - Chiang Mai

It’s no wonder that Chiang Mai, the northern Thai capital, is popular among visitors not only for its scenic temples, mountains and waterfalls but also for Thai cookery schools. This green, traveler-friendly city, often described as a much slower-paced version of Bangkok, happens to be a foodie’s paradise. So get spoiled and enjoy this cooking class in Chiang Mai!


There are many cooking schools, but if you want to try something local, new and different, then we have the best option in place for you. Our school is run by Akha people, a hill tribe village who immigrated from China, Laos and Myanmar, and became citizens of Thailand in the early 1900’s. They have their very own traditions, culture and beliefs, which are different from the rest of Thailand, as many hill tribes do. 


But that’s not all, while at the other schools you will only learn how to cook 6 dishes, with this one you will learn a record of 11 dishes! So make sure you come with an empty stomach. The Akha cooks love sharing their food recipes, which are much healthier and fresher than other Thai dishes, while they tell their incredible history.


You can choose a Morning cooking classwhere you will visit a local market, or an Evening cooking class if you are short of time and planning a busy day schedule. But if you are not ready to cook yet or want to try a different experience, then you can discover Thai food through the Local Market Tour.


So why not learn how to cook some delicious dishes that you can replicate once you’re back home? Enjoy this delicious cooking class in Chiang Mai!

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