Food Tour by Bike in Chiang Mai bicycle tour in chiang mai, food tour in chiang mai, people in the market, cycling tours in thailandFood Tour by Bike in Chiang Mai bicycle tour in chiang mai, food tour in chiang mai, people in the market, cycling tours in thailand

Food Tour by Bike in Chiang Mai

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Food Tour by Bike in Chiang Mai

If you decide to take it easy during the day, maybe visiting some temples or getting a massage, then this Food Tour by Bike in Chiang Mai is the perfect option for an extraordinary evening. 

Traditional Chiang Mai cuisine, or Muang Food, is incredibly tasty and distinct from regular Thai food. With the sun setting in the background, pedal forth for a culinary journey on the streets of Chiang Mai, riding backstreets and alleyways stopping at street-side stalls and food markets. The whole world of Northern Thai food will open up for you to delight your taste buds and fill your belly. In addition to Muang Food, you will also get to sample some Shan or Tai Yai food. This food adventure bike tour will finish off with a hot cup of tea and a mouthwatering traditional dessert on the banks of the River Ping.

The riding on this bike tour is relaxed and easy, as the terrain is all flat. While you will mostly be cycling along backstreets, there are some short sections on busier roads. We promise that there will be something for everyone’s taste buds, and vegetarians are more than welcome to come along. Ride with us and discover some authentic Northern Thai cuisine on this unique food tour!

🚴  12km riding: mostly backstreets in flat terrain.

📅  Departure days: any day confirmed 1 day in advance

⏳  Duration: half day 

🕗  Departing time: 17.30h (check-in time 30 minutes before)

🕔  Return time: 21.30h  (variable by group)

🔺  Meeting time. 17.15h near Chiang Mai Gate, to depart at 17.30h sharp.

🔺  Street sweets and fresh fruit juice at the City’s Navel. The first stop on the food tour is to give you a taste of some of the different kinds of tropical fruits found in Thailand. Miss Nong has been selling high quality 100% fresh fruit juice at the city’s navel for almost 10 years, and you will be so lucky to try them! Accompanying the fruit juice will be a tasty Chiang Mai street sweet.

🔺  The Navel of the City Temple. The ancient city of Chiang Mai was built to reflect Hindu cosmology with Mt. Mehru as the center of the universe. The Navel of the City Temple or Wat Intakin was the original site of the city pillar, which is the center of the city and therefore named the city’s belly button. Spend a few minutes listening to the monks chanting, admiring the 700-year-old White Buddha and learning about the history and culture of Chiang Mai. Back on the bikes and riding past the Three Kings Monument you are off to the next stop on your adventure.

🔺  The Market. Stop at a green papaya salad food stall to order some Chiang Mai style ‘Som Tum’ for dinner. Watch a food seller making chili paste and stop by a stall selling curries, stews and soups. How about some grilled eggs or perhaps something cooked in a banana leaf? You can also choose a medley of exotic fruits to add up to a tasty meal. Have no fear; all the dishes selected will be authentic Chiang Mai cuisine, but there will be nothing weird or strange (no bugs or snakes!). Everyone will find something they can enjoy, vegetarians included.

🔺  The dinner. Once you have finished your shopping, you will return to the Som Tum stall where a table is set for you to sit down and unpack your selections from the market. Before you can delight in the gastronomic wonders of Chiang Mai cuisine, you will get a short lesson on how to properly eat sticky rice, the staple of Northern Thai food.

The guide will explain each dish and explain some of the Chiang Mai traditions about food. Then dig in! You’ll experience this traditional cuisine that’s hard to find in restaurants. At the end of your dinner enjoy the exotic Thai fruits chosen earlier in the market.

🔺  Snacks on the way. Along the way to your last stop for the night, you will have a typical Shan or Tai Yai snack, just in case you did not have enough to eat for dinner. You’ll find the flavor to be truly amazing!

🔺  By the River. The last stop on your food tour will be for a Mae Salong tea and a traditional Thai dessert in a peaceful riverside setting.

🔺  Bike back to the starting point. With your tummy full, slowly wind your way back through the late evening streets of Chiang Mai to the meeting point. 

✔  Top quality, well maintained Merida mountain bikes

✔  Experienced English speaking local tour guide

✔  A delicious taste of several local Thai dishes

✔  Helmet

✔  All entrances fees

✔  Snacks, fruit and a water bottle

✔  Insurance

🦟  Mosquito repellent

👖  Men and women need to cover their shoulders to enter temples and mosques. Women also need to cover their knees, so if you like to wear shorts when riding, we recommend bringing a sarong to wear when entering a temple or mosque.

🙋 🙋‍♂️  Thir tour requires a mínimum of 2 people

Cancellation policy

✘  Cancellations made 48 hours before departure will incur no cancellation fee (PayPal or bank transfer fees might be deducted).

✘  Cancellations made less than 48 hours before departure will incur a 100% cancellation fee. In this case, the customer will have the option to apply the credit for this tour to another one in Thailand with the same company.

✘  Cancellations made less than 3 hours before departure or no-shows cannot apply the credit to another tour.

🌧  You still need to turn up for the tour if it’s raining. It is quite common that it can be raining in one part of the city but not in another, so if there is rain at your hotel don’t assume it is raining where you will be cycling. Also, it is common that the rain falls heavily and for short durations so if it does rain we just wait and continue the tour once the rain stops. We also have plastic rain ponchos for everyone in the case that you do need to ride in the rain. 

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