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Floating Markets in Bangkok

Bangkok is a city packed with interesting, affordable and luxury shopping experiences in the myriad of malls and street markets that flourish in the Thai capital. But if you step outside the city confines, you’ll encounter a whole new shopping experience on a visit to one of many floating markets in Bangkok. Asian people are known for their adaptability, and these floating markets are yet another proof of how versatile humans can be when beset by Mother Nature: when unable to pave roads for trade, water may prove just as reliable an asset as others. The concept may seem awkward, but once you find yourself in the middle of a floating market, you know the experience is quite unique!


While Thailand’s floating markets may not be the thriving and vital part of Thai daily life that they once were, they are nevertheless still vibrant social hubs where merchant communities gather to sell, trade, eat and chat, and there is always a jovial atmosphere. There are a number of floating markets near Bangkok, but the main ones are Damnoen Saduak, Amphawa, and Taling Chan Market. However, if you prefer to adventure on your own, you could visit a less touristy one such as Tha Kha, Bang Ku Wiang, Bang Khla, and Bang Nam Phueng.


From our selection of floating markets in Bangkok, there is one to suit most tastes, from traditional and rural to huge tourist attraction: Damnoen Saduak Floating Market. It’s great for photo opportunities, food, and for giving you an insight into a bygone way of life. An early morning start is worth it to avoid the heat and catch the market at its liveliest. Experience the brightly colored boats jostling for position along the canal, mostly manned by Thai women in traditional bamboo hats selling their own local produce. It’s an unforgettable sight and it offers up some fantastic photo opportunities. The boats are piled high with tropical fruit and vegetables, fresh, ready-to-drink coconut juice and local food cooked from floating kitchens located right on the boat.


A ride on a rowboat here is a blissful experience through winding little waterways dripping with exotic overhead foliage. If you’re there in the middle of the day when the sun is bearing down overhead, you’ll probably want to buy one of the traditional hats that the women operating the boat stalls wear to shade you!


To enjoy the atmosphere without haggling over prices, try relaxing on one of our guided boat tours. As we understand how precious your time is during holidays, we have selected the top 3 Bangkok Floating Market Tours that combine a visit to Damnoen Saduak floating market with another must-do activity in Bangkok. Choose to visit the Maeklong Railway Market, the Bridge over the River Kwai, or the Royal Grand Palace. Whichever one you pick, just know that they are all well worth a jaunt just out of the city, and will make for a fantastic day trip!

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